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We plan to apply our Indoor positioning technology for Security Industry. For instance, when entering a secure facility, the visitor’s current location can be monitored in real time. When the visitor strays from a designated route or area, the security staff and the administrator can receive an alert. Besides the industries I mentioned so far, our technology has huge potential to be applied to several other areas.
When the exhibition area is limited to show, the visitors line up and make group zones. Idecca helps control the guard each zone to prevent safety accident.
When the visitor lost his or her associates at the building, he or she is able to track associates’ current location by floor plan.
When the visitor get into the highly staff only area unconsciously, the security guards chase after him to guide in right track.
If you want to confirm any specific person to stay inside without CCTV monitoring, Idecca is brought you the best comfortable and optimized security without the added cost.