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Shopping Mall service brought two tools ; navigation and customized real time discount coupon. In future stages of our business, we plan to apply our technology to shopping malls and stores. Our technology can function as indoor navigation when going to specific stores inside a large mall like the Great Mall. By understanding the circulation of the buyers, data such as their favorite brands or frequently seen products can be collected, and real-time discount coupons customized for their individual preferences can be provided.
Search tool make you easy to find your specific shopping item, such as book title, Jacket size, restroom for lady.
Also shopper is able to find the shopping item by brand. When using guide by floor plan. It is needed when shopper want to find ‘Store A’ in the huge mega malls.
Before purchasing the item, the shopper is able to have chances to look up the similar trend, similar color in Store B, such as price comparison and fitting texture.
For customer’s smart buying, Idecca provide the coupon information, seasonal discount details for credit card users, and future interesting shopping event. It may help to guide the Store website visit for more information.